The entire list of human rights related courses can be viewed here.


PUBPOL 761.01 Human Rights and Conflict

INSTRUCTOR: Catherine Admay

In this course we will examine the link between human rights and conflict in an interdisciplinary fashion. What are the multiple ways in which the law and political advocacy of human rights relate to conflict? Do demands for human rights precipitate or fuel as much as prevent-conflicts, whether as war or in other forms of large scale suffering? To consider these and other questions, we will draw substantially on historical and policy analyses, learning the legal/political history of the contemporary framework for human rights and connecting it to real world efforts underway by lawyers and other practitioners to reframe and transform conflict and build peace. Consent required by instructor.

DOCST 236S.01 Civil/Human Rights Activism: In the Spirit of Pauli Murray


Documentary fieldwork course exploring the legacy of civil and human rights activism in Durham through the life and work of noted historian, lawyer, poet, activist and priest Pauli Murray. Students will utilize scholarship, primary source archival materials and contemporary documentary projects to set a context for their fieldwork in Durham. Working with the instructor and local social change leadership engaged in work related to the Face-Up Project. students will deepen fieldwork skills photography, writing, audio or filmmaking – and develop documentary projects in collaboration with culturally diverse community groups. Requires fieldtrips to communities in Durham.

AMI 335S.01 Video for Social Change

INSTRUCTOR: Bruce Orenstein

Documentary film course focusing on the production of advocacy videos for social change. Covers methods and traditions of community organizing, introduces knowledge and skill sets needed to make effective videos for grassroots organizations, and explores how video is integrated into organizing strategies to achieve better results. Includes instructor-supervised fieldwork with community partner organization; student groups will research, write, direct, and produce a class video for a campaign to improve educational and economic opportunities in Durham’s low-income communities