cook-deegan280Cook-Deegan was a member of the Board of Directors, Physicians for Human Rights, 1988-96, with whom he participated in human rights missions to Turkey, Iraq and Panama. He was a national health professional coordinator for Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) 1983-9, and group leader for the Denver chapter (group 60) of AIUSA 1979-81, and has been a member of AIUSA’s Urgent Action Network since 1978. He became Director of the IGSP’s Center for Genome Ethics, Law & Policy in 2002. He was previously director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellowship program at the Institute of Medicine (IOM), a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Investigator at Georgetown University and a seminar leader at Stanford-in-Washington. He worked at The National Academies in various capacities from 1991 until coming to Duke. Cook-Deegan is the author of The Gene Wars: Science, Politics, and the Human Genome and an author on over 200 articles. He received his MD degree from the University of Colorado and his bachelor’ s degree in chemistry, magna cum laude, from Harvard College.