The winners of the 2011 Oliver W. Koonz Human Rights Prize were:

BEST PAPER: Brianna Nofil (’12) ”The Case at Krome: Conditions and Controversies at U.S. Immigration Detention Centers,” prepared for Karin Shapiro’s “American Immigration” class. Brianna was a double major in History and Public Policy Studies with a minor in Education. While at Duke she studied abroad in Oxford, Venice, and Glasgow and taught English in rural Poland. She played in the Duke University Marching Band and worked in Creative Services at The Chronicle. She wrote her thesis on the ethical and political issues surrounding immigration detention.

BEST ALTERNATIVE PROJECT: Archer Wang (’14), for three opinion pieces (“Honoring a Chinese Nobel” and co-authoring “In China, Strolling for Reform” and For Security in Tibet, Can China Relax?“). Archer’s first opinion piece, “Honoring a Chinese Nobel,” on human rights advocate Liu Xiaobo, was prepared for Robin Kirk’s “Human Rights Activism” class offered in Cultural Anthropology. Archer is majoring in English and Political Science. He is interested in human rights issues in China, China’s modernity, and cultural clashes between East and West.

Congratulations to our winners!