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Archive for September, 2014

  • Interview with Robert Walker

    Interview with Robert Walker

    Robert Walker was interviewed over email by David Farrow, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina studying Public Policy and History and enrolled in a joint UNC-Duke course on […]

  • Rights & Identities in the Americas: Fall 2013

    Rights & Identities in the Americas: Fall 2013

    Student Testimonials from 2013 DukeImmerse: Rights and Identities in the Americas Read the Chronicle article with information about the trip and other DukeImmerse programs. Check out the Rights and Identities Tumblr from the 2013 […]

  • Interview with Kathryn Libal

    Interview with Kathryn Libal

    This interview was conducted over email with Kathryn Libal by Sarah Kerman, a freshman undergraduate student, majoring in Public Policy and working for the Duke Human Rights Center at the […]

  • Made it to Geneva and ready to start interviews!

    Onward to Geneva

    By McKenzie Johnson If you have been following the DHRC@FHI Summer Research Fellows this summer in any capacity you may have noticed that while the other students have filled their pages with […]

  • Kathryn Libal

    Kathryn Libal

    Kathryn Libal is Associate Professor of Social Work and Associate Director of the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut. She earned her doctorate in anthropology at the University of […]

  • Interview with James Dawes

    Interview with James Dawes

    Betsy Santoyo (’14) interviewed James Dawes over email about his work with the Human Rights and Humanitarianism program at Macalester College. BS: What inspired you to start a human rights program on […]

  • Rebecca Stein

    Rebecca Stein

    Rebecca Stein is a cultural anthropologist at Duke University researching linkages between culture and politics in Israel in the context of the Israeli military occupation and legacy of the Palestinian […]

  • Meet the Students

    Meet the Students

  • Restorative Justice

    Mendal Polish My summer research has proven to be much harder than I imagined it would be.  I set out to find answers to questions that are still so new, […]

  • Water and Waste Disposal in El Salvador

    Water and Waste Disposal in El Salvador

    Robinson Ford August 14, 2014 In order to understand the water issues faced by El Salvadorians, one must first begin to understand El Salvador. Plagued by instability and lack of […]