Angaza-LaughinghouseAngaza Laughinghouse, President, UE Local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union

Angaza Laughinghouse is one of the founders of the political organization Black Workers for Justice (BWFJ) based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Laughinghouse first got involved in activism in New York where he spent his childhood. Upon learning about the “Wilmington Ten” and the “Charlotte Three,” Angaza moved to North Carolina, forging relationships with civil rights activists such as Ben Chavis, Jim Grant and Irv Joyner who were committed to challenging Jim Crow segregation in North Carolina. Laughinhouse’s activism grew after the Greensboro Massacre, an event that further inspired his commitment to community and workplace organizing. Angaza’s organizing work was eventually instrumental in the establishment of Black Workers for Justice, a labor rights organization that resulted from protests against the unfair treatment of female workers at a K-Mart in Rocky Mount, NC. Today, BWFJ strives to empower workers to stand up for their own needs both in the workplace and in the community. This interview provides a historical account of the evolution of Black Workers for Justice and Angaza’s commitment to labor and civil rights.


The entire interview is available in the Duke Human Rights Archive.