Anisha Watwe is a sophomore at Duke University from Cary, North Carolina pursuing a self-designed, Program II degree in global reproductive and sexual health policy. She is specifically interested in global health disparities and is driven to pursue universal health equity for women and underserved populations. Anisha also works in the Duke Division of Nephrology under the guidance of Dr. Tomo Souma studying cellular oxidative stress pathways and their uses in preventing chronic kidney disease.

This summer, Anisha will be partnering with Shoulder to Shoulder, an NGO based in Camasca, Honduras, to conduct field research. She will particularly be investigating women’s reproductive health and the barriers that prevent contraceptive use. In conjunction with this research, Anisha will conduct small seminars on reproductive health to targeted population groups and will also have the opportunity to teach English at a local elementary school through a partner NGO.



My experience in Camasca

Updates from Camasca