The Duke Human Rights Center is excited to announce the 2017-18 Teaching for Equity Fellows Cohort. The Teaching for Equity Fellowship, which is open to faculty of all ranks, is a year-long series of workshops through which faculty fellows develop tools for addressing issues around identity, race and racism in the classroom. The program is designed to give faculty perspective on their own implicit biases and assumptions; to help them design curriculum from an identity and racial equity, power, and privilege lens; and to offer them strategies for creating learning environments that benefit all students.

This year’s cohort includes instructors and professors from over 16 different departments and programs at Duke.

Teaching For Equity Fellows, 2017-18:

Amy Anderson, Education
Emily Boehm, Evolutionary Anthropology
Dorian Canelas, Chemistry
Kevin Caves, Biomedical Engineering
Saskia Cornes, Duke Campus Farm and the Franklin Humanities Institute
Ashley Elrod, History
Dane Emmerling, Service-Learning/Education
Luciana Fellin, Romance Studies
Ana Fernandez, Romance Studies
Cheryl Fuller, Education
Medina Johnson, Dance
Kay Jowers, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy
Christy Lohr Sapp, Duke Chapel
Lisa McCarty, Arts of the Moving Image, Rubenstein Library
Michaela O’Brien, Art, Art History and Visual Studies
Jules Odendahl-James, Theater Studies
Silvia Serrano, Romance Studies
Margaret Swezey, Thompson Writing Program
Shaun Thompson, Education
Angela Vieth, Psychology & Neuroscience
Matt Whitt, Thompson Writing Program

The Teaching for Equity Fellows program, now in it’s third year, was developed by the Duke Human Rights Center@FHI and is sponsored by the Provost and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. Learn more about the program and how to apply at the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences website.