Sayad Kashua, a celebrated yet controversial author & TV producer, speaks to Prof. Rebecca L. Stein’s & Erika Weinthal’s undergrad class, Israel/Palestine: Comparative Perspectives. Kashua, an Israeli-Arab, shares his experiences of growing up in Jerusalem as well as his work in creating the acclaimed television series, Arab Labor, which broadcasts in Israel. Kashua feels that the program helps to challenge pervasive & damaging views of Arab residents in the capital by bringing an Israeli-Arab family home to its viewers with a healthy dose of satire. It strives to demonstrate that co-existence can be a reality between Jews & Palestinians.
Israel/Palestine: Comparative Perspectives on Political Futures is a series of lectures sponsored by the Duke Human Rights Center (DHRC@FHI), the Center for Jewish Studies, Duke University Middle East Studies Center, and the Forum for Scholars & Publics.