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  • Interview challenges with Tibetan patients

    Interview challenges with Tibetan patients

    By Rinchen Dolma After 18 hours of flight, I landed in Indira Gandhi Airport New Delhi on the 3rd of July around 3am Indian time. Despite the heat and humidity, […]

  • The main hearing room of South Africa's Constitutional Court

    Translating Justice in South Africa

    July 18 By Katie Jean Fernelius The new South Africa is just now creeping into its third decade. It’s understandable that certain values from the past persist and at times […]

  • A giant paradox in a vast valley

    A giant paradox in a vast valley

    by Eladio Bobadilla I arrived in the San Joaquin Valley about a week ago. Almost immediately upon arriving in the valley, one begins to realize this is a unique place, […]

  • Community, healing and US prisons

    Community, healing and US prisons

    I’ve spent the last weeks between Philadelphia and North Carolina talking to people about “accountability” in our communities, and what that looks like. The goal of my project is to […]

  • The president of the Comissão da Verdade 'Rubens Paiva' introducing the speakers

    From the Private to the Public: Denouncing the Horrors

    July 7th , 2014 by Giulia Ricco After being in Brazil for almost six weeks now, the traffic is something you get used to. In the car, me and my host […]

  • Seeds of Peace educator

    A view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    It was the 29th of June, the first Iftar of Ramadan. It was the start of a month of peace and amicability, of tolerance and forgiveness, of coexistence. My Facebook […]

  • Tinyiko Lwandhalmuni Philla Nwamitwa Shilubana

    Whose constitution is it, anyway ?

    July 2 By Katie Fernelius This past weekend, Professor Catherine Admay and I left the comfort of the Constitution Hill in Johannesburg to travel to Limpopo province, braving an adventurous, […]

  • Setting up the Project

    Setting up the Project

    June 29, 2014 I arrived in San Salvador during the afternoon of May 7th. El Salvador was hot and humid, no surprises there. Myself and the rest of my team […]

  • My research has finally commenced!

    My research has finally commenced!

    June 10, 2014 After a few days of preparation, I have now started my comprehensive and critical look at the human right of free expression, through an analysis of the […]

  • Social Advocacy Oral Histories

    Social Advocacy Oral Histories

    This semester, Duke students in Bruce Orenstein’s Video for Social Change class at the Center for Documentary Studies learned what it means to live the life of a social advocate […]