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History of Human Rights at Duke

  • Mapping NC Human Rights History

    Mapping NC Human Rights History

  • Sites of Memory

    Louise Walter (Class of 2012) spent a semester in the Duke University Archives researching the Civil Rights Movement at Duke and in Durham. Learn more about the protests that took […]

  • Marshall Meyer

    Director Eric Meyer of Duke’s Center for Jewish Studies remembers his uncle Marshall as the babysitter who would take him to the Dartmouth campus, where Meyer was finishing his undergraduate degree. But […]

  • Peter Storey

    Professor Storey is former president of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, past president of the South African Council of Churches, and was Methodist Bishop of the Johannesburg/Soweto area for […]

  • Raphael Lemkin

    Raphael Lemkin has been described by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as “one of the unsung heroes of the international human rights movement.” In a little-known chapter in his […]

  • Slavery and Segregation

    Prior to the Civil War, Washington Duke and his family worked together farming wheat, oats, and sweet potatoes on over 300 acres of land which had been bought and inherited […]