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  • The First Year

    The First Year

    The First Year  Five young teachers in Los Angeles public schools are followed through their first year of teaching in some of the U.S.’s toughest elementary, middle and high schools. […]

  • Banished


    Banished Banished examines the legacy of racial cleansing incidents that occurred in communities scattered throughout the United States in the early twentieth century, when violent mobs forced thousands of African-American […]

  • I for India

    I for India

    I for India  A bittersweet time capsule of alienation, discovery, racism and belonging, this is a chronicle of immigration in Britain, as seen through the eyes of one Asian family […]

  • Our Brand is Crisis

    Our Brand is Crisis

    Our Brand Is Crisis To mold the strategy for his 2002 campaign for the presidency of Bolivia, Gonzalo “Goni” Sánchez de Lozada hired an American consulting firm. Stanley Greenburg, James Carville […]