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Social Advocates

  • Mel Williams

    Mel Williams

    Mel Williams, Retired Reverend and Social Justice Advocate, End Poverty Durham In this interview, the Reverend Mel Williams discusses his career as a member of the faith community and as […]

  • Melinda Wiggins

    Melinda Wiggins

    Melinda Wiggins, Executive Director, Student Action with Farmworkers This oral history traces the life and work of farm worker advocate Melinda Wiggins who currently serves as the Executive Director of […]

  • Dani Moore

    Dani Moore

    Dani Moore, Director, Immigrants’ Rights Project, NC Justice Center Dani Moore grew up in Tarboro, North Carolina, and earned a B.A. in Economics from Wake Forest University and Harvard Divinity […]

  • Anita Earls

    Anita Earls

    Anita Earls, Founder and Executive Director, Southern Coalition for Social Justice Anita Earls is the founder and Executive Director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. Growing up in a […]

  • Rukiya Dillahunt

    Rukiya Dillahunt

    Rukiya Dillahunt, Education and Labor Activist Rukiya Dillahunt, born Elaine Dillahunt, is a retired educator and active advocate. Dillahunt grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and recounts how her youth […]

  • James Andrews

    James Andrews

     James Andrews, President, North Carolina Chapter of the AFL-CIO Andrews grew up in a segregated community in Warren County, North Carolina. As a young boy, he grew up working on […]

  • Angaza Laughinghouse

    Angaza Laughinghouse

    Angaza Laughinghouse, President, UE Local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union Angaza Laughinghouse is one of the founders of the political organization Black Workers for Justice (BWFJ) based in Raleigh, […]

  • Allison Riggs

    Allison Riggs

    Allison Riggs, Staff Attorney, Southern Coalition for Social Justice Allison Riggs is a staff attorney for the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. Allison grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia and […]