The Journal of Politics & Society is the United States’ premier interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate scholarship in the social sciences, published by the Helvidius Group of Columbia University. Founded in 1989, the Journal provides a forum for young scholars to contribute to the global dialogue on a diverse range of issues pertinent to the social sciences.

The Editorial Board of the Helvidius Group is seeking submissions of scholarly research from undergraduate students in colleges and universities around the world. Current undergraduates and recent graduates may submit work completed as undergraduate students.

The Journal of Politics & Society is seeking original, creative, and rigorous articles in the fields of political science, economics, sociology, history, psychology, linguistics, law, anthropology, criminology, cultural and area studies, development studies, and demography.

Students from all social science disciplines are encouraged to submit their work.

Submissions should be at least 20-25 pages long (double-spaced), but there is no maximum number of pages. Papers selected for publication undergo an intensive peer review and editing process, which involves significant communication between the Editorial Board and the author. Work previously written for classroom or individual use is welcomed. It is mandatory that your submission be free of your university’s name.

Please submit all manuscripts at Please note that essays directly submitted via email cannot be accepted. For further information please visit 

The submission deadline is February 11, 2022