DianaDiana Dai is a rising senior from Hong Kong double majoring in International Comparative Studies and Public Policy Studies. She is passionate about human rights, migration, and social justice, and is interested in ideas that embrace complexity and elevate people’s personal stories.  This summer, Diana will travel to Amman, Jordan to speak with different domestic migrant workers about their migratory and working experience, in order to capture moments where they have felt like their life is their own.  She will focus on the moments of resistance (and agency) that migrant domestic workers exercise within various power structures, from the level of policy to the level of interpersonal relationships between worker and employer.   This research topic is inspired by Diana’s own identity as one marked by migration and work as the daughter of Chinese American immigrants.


June 23, 2016: Reflections on the First Two Weeks

                                                                                      August 17, 2016: Language and translation in research