The Duke Human Rights Center @ the Franklin Humanities Institute is committed to engaging collaboratively to improve the learning and work environment for all members of the Duke community. We see our campus and classrooms as vital sites of rights, not only the right to education, but also the right to language, dignity, security, opinion, peaceful assembly, and freedom from discrimination of all kinds. Often, the core values of our university are tested. We believe our first response needs to be grounded in the fundamental importance of our educational mission. For that reason, we believe that addressing and dismantling the persistent structural discrimination and inequalities that often make themselves visible in moments of crisis should be our collective priority. We believe in a campus where all languages are welcomed; all religions are practiced; and where people of all races, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, and abilities are treated equitably. Discrimination is deeply rooted, and therefore can only be addressed through sustained effort. We call on Duke’s leaders to deepen its commitment to programs that go beyond a reaction to crisis and help build a university that strives toward these goals.