Elizabeth “Betsy” Albright earned her Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the College of Wooster, an MSES and MPA in environmental sciences and policy from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, and her PhD at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. After teaching at Loyola University Chicago, Betsy returned to Duke where she is an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Environmental Science and Policy Methods at the Nicholas School.

Betsy’s research focuses on access to water infrastructure and individual, household and community response to extreme climatic events. Funded by the Fulbright Commission and the National Science Foundation, Betsy examines the role of participatory processes and stakeholder involvement in post-disaster contexts, especially within disenfranchised and low-resource communities. Her research sites have included Central Europe, Colorado, South Carolina and rural Alabama. Betsy teaches courses in conflict resolution, data analysis, environmental policy and politics, and decision analysis. When not working, Betsy can be found fishing in the nearest watering hole.