Elle Winfield is a Duke Sophomore from England with a love of writing and a passion from humanitarian advocacy. Currently majoring in History and Peace, War and Defense with a minor in Political Science, Elle has a special focus in human rights law and international diplomacy.  Specifically, she hopes her interests will one day aid her in fighting the intersections between modern terrorism and human trafficking.  The research topic will seek to understand the dynamic of state enforced terrorism, exploring the three dynamic continents of the Middle East, Europe and Asia, and focusing on over two hundred years of historical oppression. The topic, which will form the foundations of a thesis paper, hopes to begin answering the ultimate question; does every State need terrorism to ensure its survival? If so, what and whose, human rights are we willing to sacrifice in the name of safety?


Shuttle Palestinian Refugee Camp-Beirut, Lebanon

Counter Terrorism and the Question of Moroccan Governance