I am a rising senior from the Chicagoland area. I am a Psychology major, Chemistry minor, and on the pre-medical track. As a first-generation Ghanaian-American student, my ultimate goal is to become a pediatrician and serve in underrepresented communities by providing adequate healthcare to children. On campus I serve as the Executive Secretary of DukeAFRICA and a Resident Assistant. I also work as a Research Assistant in the Duke Identity and Diversity Lab under Dr. Sarah Gaither, studying the relations, perceptions, and behavior among social groups and identities.

This summer, I will be partnering with Shoulder to Shoulder, an NGO in Camasca, Honduras, to conduct field research. I will be investigating the perceptions of body image amongst young adolescents and older women and analyzing how these perceptions affect levels of self-esteem. In addition, I will organize small groups discussing self-esteem as it relates to body image as well as teach English to elementary school students.




Adjusting to a New Place

Final days in Camasca