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The Challenges of the Current Peace Negotiation Process in Colombia

In the present, Colombia is facing an important conjuncture, largely shaped by the peace negotiation, taking place between the government and the FARC-EP. The current moment is a dispute over the meaning of the past, present and future of Colombia that includes a discussion about the type of society that each actor imagines. Consequently, the actual moment is defined by a series of political, cultural and ontological struggles. While political, economical, and cultural elites seem resistant to pursuing significant changes beyond the demobilization of the guerrillas and small reforms to the system; civil society, social movements (indigenous, afro-descendants, and peasants in particular), intellectuals, and some politicians are yearning for a historical moment that challenges the unequal social arrangements of Colombian society. This symposium aims to inform about the current conjuncture in Colombia, and tackles inquiries related with transition, peace and transformation.

A group of representatives from diverse perspectives will present their views, and later, will engage in a productive and informed discussion with faculty and graduate students and community members to develop a program in which academic institutions are able to  build a ‘road map’ towards peace and reconciliation in Colombia.

The event will continue further on April 3rd at UNC Chapel Hill. For more information, click here.


April 2, 2015
5:30 pm


John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Room 240