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"We Are Guardians" Film Screening


Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman, Puyr Tembé

Dir. by Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman, and Edivan Guajajara. 2023. 85 minutes. In Portuguese, Tupi, and English, with English subtitles. Thousands of people are illegally setting up camp on protected land in the Brazilian Amazon, killing centuries-old trees for export and mining rare resources. Directed by Indigenous activist Edivan Guajajara and environmental filmmakers Chelsea Greene and Rob Grobman, We Are Guardians artfully shares the stories of the people impacted by this issue. We meet Indigenous Brazilian forest guardian Marçal Guajajara and activist Puyr Tembé who are fighting to protect their home from deforestation; an illegal logger struggling to make ends meet who feels he has no other financial choice to survive; and a landowner who is dedicated to preserving the rich ecosystem within his land by relentlessly seeking action from local authorities, with no answers. With the presence of the directors; Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman, and activist Puyr Tembé. Special get-together with the crew at 12 p.m in the Amazon Lab. Smith Warehouse. Open to the public.


Climate, Diversity/Inclusion, Festival/Fair, Human Rights, Movie/Film, Natural Sciences, Panel/Seminar/Colloquium, South America focus, Sustainability