RIGHTS  103FS – 01   Human Rights: Back to the Future, looking at roots and current reality of human rights
This Focus course introduces students to a brief history of rights as a way to ground our exploration of current human rights challenges and what rights may be envisioned in the future. Rights have never been static. Recent changes in how we see rights include the right to truth in post-conflict societies and animal rights. We’ll explore how cutting-edge thinkers contribute to an expanded horizon of rights. We will be engaging with activists, scholars, and artists. Open only to students in the Focus Program. 

RIGHTS  201 – 01   Introduction to Engaged Citizenship and Social Change
Introduction to key concepts, theories, and critiques of civic engagement and social change, with a focus on competing notions of democratic citizenship. Examination of voluntarism, philanthropy, community service, political participation, social activism and other forms of community engagement. Critical reflection on ethical issues related to community engagement and social change, including critiques of progressivism and service. Students will also be asked to apply these various approaches to pressing social issues of our time, such as income inequality, environmental justice, education reform and gender and race equality.

RIGHTS  345 – 01   African Americans, Mass Incarceration and Citizenship
Explores in depth the presence of African Americans within the phenomenon of U.S. mass incarceration and its implications for notions of citizenship. Surveys the history of prison build-up resulting from legislation and policy over the past forty years including the governmental discussions of drug policy and welfare reform that disproportionately affected African Americans. Course will explore definitions of citizenship and the means by which African American citizens were and are both included in and excluded from participation in the movement toward mass incarceration as part of their changing position in the U.S. polity.

RIGHTS  386S – 01   Politics of Sexuality
Explores intersections among sexual identity, desire, and behavior and political institutions, public policy, and concepts of citizenship. Readings and methods will be interdisciplinary and will examine politics of sexuality in diverse sociocultural, international, and historical contexts. Topics may include: social movements; laws, policing, and incarceration; medicalization and eugenics; militarism and geopolitics; immigration and human rights; welfare policies; nationalism and citizenship; and reproductive rights.

RIGHTS  389S – 01   Family Rights/Human Rights
Explores relationship between state, family formation, and individuals. Surveys regulation of sexuality, reproduction, adoption, immigration, and incarceration with focus mainly on U.S. and past 200 years. Instructor consent required.