Giulia RiccoGiulia Ricco is from Bologna, Italy, where she obtained both her B.A. (2007) and M.A. (2012) in Foreign Languages and Literature, with an emphasis in English and Portuguese. She is a PhD candidate in Romance Studies at Duke University, working on both Brazil and Italy. Her main interests are the representation of violence, memory and literature, testimonial literature. She is also the co-founder of the working group Ocean Crossings.

She plans to spend the summer in Brazil and investigate the memory of the dictatorship, specifically the recollections about the violations of human rights perpetrated by the military regime. In particular, she is interested in the familial narratives produced by the victims’ families, who are not only in charge of preserving a memory that otherwise would be lost, but also of invoking justice for their relatives. Her main resources will be the Memorial da Resistência, the Instituto Vladimir Herzog, and the Arquivo Público do Estado de São Paulo.

 Research updates

June 9: Forca Brasil

June 23: Verdade, Música e Literatura

July 7: From the Private to the Public: Denouncing the Horrors

July 28: Reinventing the Spaces of Memory