Grace is a rising Junior at Duke University studying a Program II about Child Rights, Policy, and Development. She intends to become a teacher and fight for Child Rights – refugee, female, low-income, racial minority, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and all children –for the rest of her life. At Duke, she is very passionate about her work with Blue Devils United and the Kenan Refugee Project. In her free time she likes to bake, spend quality time with family and friends, read all different kinds of books, eat dessert and drink tea.

Through interdisciplinary research in education, psychology, sociology, and public policy, she will study the best practices for working with and advocating for migrant and refugee children.  Using the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child and documents from the UN Refugee Convention as a guide, she will delve into the Duke library system’s extensive collection of papers and official documents on Public Policy and Child Development and explore online resources at the Duke Child and Family Policy Center. Throughout her research, she will consider the multitude of challenges that migrant and refugee children in a new country face including learning a new culture and language, adjusting to a new education system, dealing with discrimination, healing from trauma, and being worried about family members, among others. The culmination of her research will be a list of recommended best practices for non-professionally trained volunteers working with refugee and migrant children.


July 2020: The Beginning of a Long Academic Journey…

August 2o2o: Support for Refugee Families in this next Phase of COVID-19 Pandemic