The Duke Human Rights Center at Franklin Humanities Institute supports students looking to learn more about human rights-related issues by supporting house courses that focus on a human rights-related topic. The classes should have substantive, though not exclusive human rights content. The DHRC can also connect students to faculty sponsors for select house courses.

Please direct all questions about house courses to Robin Kirk at



In the 2023-2024 academic year, preference will be given toward house courses that focus on reproductive rights, environmental justice, indigenous rights, and/or disability rights. House courses that focus on other human rights themes are still welcome to apply.



Instructors who receive funding will be asked to present a brief summary of the course during our annual Global Ideas, Local Impact event featuring student human rights research. This event typically occurs in March. The event includes presentations by Duke alumni working in human rights-related fields.



We can offer up to $500 per House course. Funding can be used for speaker honoraria, trips, meals, or other activities that enrich the classroom experience. House courses must be approved to receive consideration. 

Past/Present House Courses Supported

Spring  2024
Instructors: Danny Enrico / , Jillian Jacobs / 
Faculty Sponsor: Robin Kirk / 

Course Description: As Duke students, you are in a unique position to create real change across the globe. By learning how to best advocate and support those in need, you can make a substantive difference. This house course takes an examination of humanitarian and social issues such as child poverty, education, health, gender equality, and climate change and the innovative approaches that UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) utilizes. Students will analyze international NGOs and the efficacy of developmental and humanitarian aid. Provides opportunities to engage with humanitarian and social work career professionals.