Each semester, Duke offers undergraduates dozens of courses related to global human rights issues. The courses come from a variety of disciplines, including history, public policy, economics, African and African American studies and cultural anthropology, among others. This reflects the interdisciplinary nature of human rights as well as the approach of the Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute. While we acknowledge and study global human rights issues through a legal or public policy framework, we are also interested in the subject through the frame of the arts, critical inquiry and the hard sciences, to name a few. In addition, the Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute is committed to developing new courses and involving students in not only the study of human rights, but also its practice.

The two core courses and all of the approved Spring 2022 courses meet the criteria for the Human Rights Certificate. If you believe that a course not listed here meets these criteria, please send the course description, syllabus, semester and year to Hadia Madni at Hadia.madni@duke.edu. The Human Rights Certificate counts only classes that are 100-level or above. Look through the course archive for a complete list of past courses. 

Special topics courses may not appear on the course archives, but approved course in the past include: Neoliberalism and Culture; Making your Case: Advocacy for Change; International Law and Global Health; Human Rights and the Body; Global Dialogue: Incarceration; LGBTQ History and Activism: Duke, Durham and Beyond; Human Rights and Legal Redress; Gandhi, King and Mandela; Powers that Be; Policing Latinidad: from Border Wars to Mass Incarceration; The Literature of Exile and Migration; The Politics of Crime and Justice. There are also three DukeImmerse programs that include special topics courses that count as electives: Rights and Identities in the Americas; Governance, Policy and Society; and Deconstructing/Reconstructing the Refugee Experience.


Term Descr Course ID Class Nbr Subject Catalog Descr Component Pat Mtg Start Mtg End PI Name Class Stat
2022 Spring Term 4456 3897 RIGHTS 335 FREE SPEECH FRANCOPHONIE-US LEC TTH 12:00:00.000000PM 1:15:00.000000PM Solterer,Helen A
  9810 2912 RIGHTS 211 SOCIAL INEQUALITY LEC T 10:15:00.000000AM 12:45:00.000000PM Keister,Lisa A. A
  9813 2916 RIGHTS 215 SOCIOLOGY OF RACISM IN AMERICA LEC TTH 8:30:00.000000AM 9:45:00.000000AM Bonilla-Silva,Eduardo A
  14156 3851 RIGHTS 371 NEWS/MORAL BATTLEGROUND LEC MW 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM Bruni,Frank A A
  14927 4973 RIGHTS 332S FARMWORKERS IN NC: POVERTY SEM MW 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM Thompson,Charles D A
  16613 8257 RIGHTS 361 MONEY, SEX, POWER LEC MW 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM Gelfand,Rachel S A
  16959 5579 RIGHTS 331 PRISONER'S DILEMMA/DISTR JUSTI LEC MW 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM Salsman,Richard A
  17885 4990 RIGHTS 326 THE SOUTH IN BLACK AND WHITE LEC M 7:00:00.000000PM 9:30:00.000000PM Tyson,Timothy B A
                    Williams,Mary Dobbin A
  17949 3520 RIGHTS 330 GLOBAL HEALTH ETHICS LEC MW 3:30:00.000000PM 4:45:00.000000PM Jowers,Brianna K A
  18424 3790 RIGHTS 214S ETHICAL CHALLENGES ENV CONSERV SEM TTH 12:00:00.000000PM 1:15:00.000000PM Vidra,Rebecca L A
  20222 5002 RIGHTS 350S DOCUMENTING BLACK EXPERIENCES SEM W 1:45:00.000000PM 4:15:00.000000PM Tyson,Timothy B A
  20542 3535 RIGHTS 660 GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH LEC TTH 1:45:00.000000PM 3:00:00.000000PM Knettel,Brandon A
  21084 3390 RIGHTS 396S LANGUAGE IN IMMIGRANT AMERICA SEM MW 12:00:00.000000PM 1:15:00.000000PM Baran,Dominika Marta A
  21903 5006 RIGHTS 317S VETERANS ORAL HISTORY PROJECT SEM W 7:00:00.000000PM 9:30:00.000000PM Lanier,Michelle A
  22147 2690 RIGHTS 218S CONFLICT ANALYSIS IN AFRICA SEM MW 1:45:00.000000PM 3:00:00.000000PM Smith,Stephen William A
  22583 2811 RIGHTS 539S QUEER CHINA SEM TTH 8:30:00.000000AM 9:45:00.000000AM Rojas,Carlos A
  22931 8065 RIGHTS 345 MASS INCARCERATION/CITIZENSHIP LEC WF 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM Lubiano,Wahneema A
  22961 8453 RIGHTS 315-20 EGR SUST DES & GLBL COMM: STRL LEC WF 12:00:00.000000PM 1:15:00.000000PM Schaad,David E A
  22962 8457 RIGHTS 315-60 EGR SUST DES & GLBL COMM: ENV LEC WF 12:00:00.000000PM 1:15:00.000000PM Schaad,David E A
  23214 3205 RIGHTS 148 ISRAEL/PALESTINE LEC TTH 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM Stein,Rebecca A
                    Weinthal,Erika S A
  23954 3209 RIGHTS 104 INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN RIGHTS LEC MW 12:00:00.000000PM 1:15:00.000000PM Kirk,Robin A
  24147 5251 RIGHTS 156S GTWY SEM: COLD WAR AMERICA SEM TTH 3:30:00.000000PM 4:45:00.000000PM McKinnon,Garrett Dale A
  24156 7623 RIGHTS 305S WHITE PEOPLE SEM TH 12:00:00.000000PM 2:30:00.000000PM Matory,James Lorand A
  24416 3338 RIGHTS 303S DE/RE/SEGREGATION IN EDUCATIO SEM MW 1:45:00.000000PM 3:00:00.000000PM Anderson,Amy A
  24465 2823 RIGHTS 295S BLACK MUSLIMS SEM MW 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM McLarney,Ellen A
  24711 3343 RIGHTS 221 RACE, POWER, AND IDENTITY LEC TTH 10:15:00.000000AM 11:30:00.000000AM Smith,Martin Paul A
  25138 3214 RIGHTS 470S RESEARCH IN HUMAN RIGHTS SEM M 3:30:00.000000PM 6:00:00.000000PM Kirk,Robin A
  26238 4087 RIGHTS 373S SPANISH CIVIL WAR: HISTORY&LIT SEM MW 12:00:00.000000PM 1:15:00.000000PM Sieburth,Stephanie A
  27450 2711 RIGHTS 351S CONTEMPORARY SOUTH AFRICA SEM M 10:15:00.000000AM 12:45:00.000000PM Shapiro,Karin A
  27675 4420 RIGHTS 444 GLOBAL INEQUALITY RESEARCH LEC T 10:15:00.000000AM 12:45:00.000000PM Darity,William A A
  27942 4426 RIGHTS 642 GLOBAL INEQUALITY RESEARCH LEC T 10:15:00.000000AM 12:45:00.000000PM Darity,William A A
DeptCourse #Course TitleCrosslistsCodes
AAAS310African American Women and HistoryRIGHTS 310; HISTORY 349; GSF 237CCI, CZ
AAAS312War and Public Health in AfricaRIGHTS 312; PUBPOL 333; CULANTH 312; GLHLTH 312CCI, CZ, EI, SS
AAAS 316SApartheid South Africa and the Struggles for DemocracyRIGHTS 316SCCI, EI, R, CZ, SS
AAAS341S.01Race in DurhamCULANTH 332S; RIGHTS 336SCCI, R, SS
AAAS341Screening the Holocaust: Jews, WWII, and World CinemaRIGHTS 340; AMI 263; JEWISHST 266; ICS 341ALP, CCI, CZ, EI 
AAAS343Displacements: Migration and Human TraffickingRIGHTS 339; LATAMER 343; CULANTH 342; SOCIOL 343ALP, CCI, EI, R, SS 
AAAS345SAfrican Americans, Mass Incarceration, and CitizenshipRIGHTS 345; LIT 343ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R
AAAS346SRacial Justice in the 20th Century US and South AfricaRIGHTS 349SCCI, R, W, CZ, SS
AAAS642SGlobal Inequality Research SeminarECON 541S; SOCIOL 642S; POLSCI 642S; RIGHTS 642SALP, CCI, R, SS
AMES204FSDocumenting the Middle EastDOCST 204FS; AMI 218FS; RIGHTS 204FSCCI, R, ALP, CZ
AMES 289FSWar and Gender in the Middle EastRIGHTS 289FSCCI, ALP, CZ
AMES295SBlack Muslims: Race, Religion, and CultureRIGHTS 295SCCI, CZ
AMES309The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in Literature and FilmRIGHTS 309; JEWISHST 683 
AMES317Martin Luther King and the Prophetic TraditionRIGHTS 249; RELIGION 234; AAAS 249; PUBPOL 253CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
AMES320SRefugee Lives: Violence, Culture, and IdentityRIGHTS 321SCCI, EI, ALP, CZ
AMES333Traffic in Women: Cultural Perspectives on Prostitution in Modern ChinaRIGHTS 333; CULANTH 334; GSF 233; AMI 270; ALP, CCI, SS
AMES539SQueer ChinaRIGHTS 539S; CULANTH 539S; GSF 502S; LIT 539S; AMI 539S; VMS 539SALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMES603The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in Literature and FilmRIGHTS 603;  
CEE315Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community (also 315-20 structural focus and 315-60 environmental focus)RIGHTS 315-20; ENVIRON 365; PUBPOL 211; Energy and the EnvironmentQS, STS
CESC201SEngaged Citizens/Social ChangeEDUC 201S; PUBPOL 206S; POLSCI 213S; RIGHTS 201SCCI, EI, SS
CULANTH104DIntroduction to Human Rights: Gateway for the Human Rights CertificateRIGHTS 104D; PUBPOL 162D; ICS 113DALP, CCI, CZ, EI 
CULANTH148Israel/Palestine: Comparative PerspectivesRIGHTS 148; AMES 244; ENVIRON 147; JEWISHST 148; PUBPOL 178; POLISCI 159; Islamitc Studies; Ethics ElectivesCCI, EI, SS
CULANTH208FSThe Anthropology of RaceAAAS 251; ICS 239; RIGHTS 208CCI, EI, SS
CULANTH216SGlobal Migration and EthicsRIGHTS 216SEI, SS
CULANTH218SAnthropology and Global Health EI, STS, SS
CULANTH245SHuman Rights in the AmericasRIGHTS 245SCCI, W, CZ
CULANTH248The Arts and Human RightsRIGHTS 248; ETHICS 261; MUSIC 238; PUBPOL 252; ICS 248ALP, EI, SS
CULANTH305S.01White Supremacy: In Athropological PerspectiveRIGHTS 305SCCI, CZ, R, SS
CULANTH345SEnergy Futures and Environmental JusticeRIGHTS 334SCCI, STS, SS
CULANTH346S.01The Connection between Human Rights, Memory and How Societies Create MemorialsHISTORY 350S; PUBPOL 347S; RIGHTS 346SALP, EI
CULANTH347SThe University as a Culture: A Survivor's GuideRIGHTS 347S; EDUC 347S; HISTORY 334S; SOCIOL 324S; PUBPOL 350SCCI, CZ, EI, SS
CULANTH347TMemory Bandits: Human Rights, Duke's History and a Plan to Expand History-TellingRIGHTS 346TCCI, EI, R, ALP, SS
CULANTH403S.01Politics and Obligations of MemoryHISTORY 403S; ICS 403S; RIGHTS 403SCCI, CZ, EI, SS
CULANTH432SGender, Sex and CitizenshipSXL 432S; GSF 432S; ICS 428S; RIGHTS 428SCCI, EI, SS
CULANTH470SCapstone: Research in Human RightsRIGHTS 470SR, W
DOCST271SPublic Policy VideoPUBPOL 375S; AMI 335S; RIGHTS 271SALP, CCI, SS
DOCST317SVeterans Oral History ProjectRIGHTS 317SCCI, SS
DOCST320SDocumenting Black Power: Writing the History of African American Freedom StruggleRIGHTS 320SCCI, ALP, CZ
DOCST326The South in Black and WhiteRIGHTS 326; AAAS 230; HISTORY 358ALP, CCI, CZ
DOCST332SFarmworkers in NC: PovertyCULANTH 236S; VMS 341S; LSGS 332S; RIGHTS 332SCCI, EI, SS
DOCST335SWho Cares and Why: Social Activism and its MotivationsRIGHTS 240SCCI, R, W, SS
DOCST341SPolitics of Food: Land, Labor, Health and EconomicsCULANTH 238S; PUBPOL 380S; ICS 342S; RIGHTS 342SALP, CCI, EI, R
DOCST347SCivil/Human Rights Activism: In the Spirit of Pauli MurrayRIGHTS 246SCCI, R, ALP, CZ
DOCST350SDocumenting Black ExperiencesAAAS 225S; CULANTH 262S; DOCST 350S; PUBPOL 387S; ICS 368S; RIGHTS 350SALP, CCI
DOCST366SHuman Rights and Documentary: Aesthetics, Ethics, HistoryRIGHTS 366SALP, CZ
EDUC111FSPursuit of Equality: Rethinking Schools - Lens of Social Justice RIGHTS 111FSCCI, EI, SS
EDUC112FSMedical Ethics, Aging, and End of Life Care in the USRIGHTS 112FS; PUBPOL 183FS; RUSSIAN 121FS; SCISOC 112FS ALP, CCI, EI
EDUC113FSEnterprising Leadership and Civic EngagementRIGHTS 113FS; CULANTH 113FSEI, SS
EDUC113FSEnterprising Civic EngagementRIGHTS 113FS; CULANTH 113FS; RIGHTS 113FSEI, SS
EDUC220Race, Power, and Identity: From Ali to KaepernickRIGHTS 221; AAAS 232; SOCIOL 202CCI, EI, R, SS
EDUC259SStudent Activism, Storytelling, and Community ChangeRIGHTS 259SEI, W, ALP
EDUC277SMedical Ethics, Aging, and End of Life Care in the USRIGHTS 277SCCI, EI, W, ALP
EDUC303SDe/Re/Segregation in Education: A Case of Back to the Future?RIGHTS 303SCCI, EI, SS
ENGLISH395Language and SocietyRIGHTS 395; LINGUIST 451; SES 385; CULANTH 212; ICS 395CCI, SS
ENGLISH396SStudies in American Literature, Civil War to the First World WarRIGHTS 396SALP
ENVIRON214SEthical Challenges in Environmental ConservationRIGHTS 214S; Marine Science and ConservationEI, SS, W
ENVIRON216SEnvironment and Conflict: The Role of the Environment in Conflict and PeacebuildingPOLSCI 367S; PUBPOL 279S; ICS 229S; RIGHTS 229SCCI, EI, SS, W
ETHICS301SBusiness and Human Rights Advocacy LabRIGHTS 301SEI, R, W
ETHICS560Organized Compassion: History and Ethics of HumanitarianismRIGHTS 560SEI, CZ, SS
ETHICS561History of Poverty in the United StatesRIGHTS 561; HISTORY 546; PUBPOL 528CCI, CZ, SS
FRENCH325SGlobal Displacement: Voix FrancophonesRIGHTS 325S; GLHLTH 325S; ICS 332SCCI, CZ, EI, FL, SS
FRENCH335.01Free Speech: France-USARIGHTS 335; PJMS 335ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, FL
GERMAN387Germany Confronts Nazism and the HolocaustRIGHTS 387; JEWISHST 369; LIT 369; HISTORY 261ALP, CCI, CZ, EI 
GLHLTH212Gender and Global HealthRIGHTS 212SS
GLHLTH220SAnthropology and Global HealthRIGHTS 220S;EI, STS, SS
GLHLTH302Global Narratives of Living with HIV/AIDS ICS 295; SCISOCALP, CCI, SS
GLHLTH341Ethics of Global Infectious Disease ControlRIGHTS 341CCI, EI, SS
GLHLTH660Global Mental HealthRIGHTS 660; PSY 611; CULANTH 611CCI, NS, R, SS, STS
GSF213SFeminist Art from the 1970s to the PresentRIGHTS 213S 
GSF360SFeminist Activism: Social MovementsRIGHTS 360S 
GSF361Money, Sex, PowerRIGHTS 361; MMS; Marxism and SocietyCCI, CZ, SS
GSF368Gender, Sexuality, and Human RightsRIGHTS 368; Study of Sexualities 268CCI, EI, SS
GSF369STransnational FeminismRIGHTS 369S 
GSF386SPolitics of StruggleRIGHTS 386S 
GSF401Gender and the LawRIGHTS 401; LIT 430; PUBPOL 315CCI, EI, SS
HISTORY156S.01Cold War AmericaRIGHTS 156SCCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY183SGateway Seminar: Civil Rights and Asian AmericasRIGHTS 183SCCI, EI, R, CZ, SS
HISTORY207Humanitarianism in AfricaAAAS 271; RIGHTS 207; Islamic StudiesCCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY238SHistory of Political NonviolenceRIGHTS 238SCCI, CZ
HISTORY 272Genocide and Human RightsRIGHTS 272; PUBPOL 345CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY319War, Slavery, and Revolution in the Caribbean, 1700-1800. AAAS 219; ICS 263; RIGHTS 219; Latin American StudiesCCI, CZ
HISTORY327Afro-Brazilian Culture and HistoryRIGHTS 327; AAAS 209; PORTUGUE 260; Latin American StudiesCCI, CZ, R
HISTORY328Global BrazilRIGHTS 328; AAAS 213; LATAMER 328CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY343The History of Modern America: The United States from 1930 to presentRIGHTS 343CZ, SS
HISTORY344History of U.S. Social MovementsRIGHTS 344; PUBPOL 344CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY348The Civil Rights MovementRIGHTS 348; AAAS 243; Ethics ElectiveCCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY352Immigrant Dreams, U.S. Realities: Immigration Policy HistoryRIGHTS 352; PUBPOL 220CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY354DRace: A World HistoryRIGHTS 354D; ICS 372DCZ, EI, SS
HISTORY374DWomen, Gender, and Sexuality in U.S. HistoryRIGHTS 239DCCI, EI, W, CZ, SS
HISTORY383Warfare in the Twentieth CenturyRIGHTS 383; CCI, CZ, EI, STS 
HISTORY389SFamily Rights/Human RightsPUBPOL 346S; RIGHTS 389SCCI, EI, CZ, SS
ICS229SEnvironment and Conflict: The Role of the Environment in Conflict and PeacebuildingENVIRON 216S; POLSCI 367S; PUBPOL 279S; RIGHTS 229S 
LIT320SSocial Movements and Social MediaAAAS 247S; AMI 246S; ICS 320S; ISIS 323S; LATAMER 320S; VMS 323S; RIGHTS 323SALP, CCI, CZ, EI, STS
LIT332Social Movements in Age of Globalization (Global Protest)RIGHTS 313; SOCIOL 323; POLSCI 313CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
MUSIC130World Music: Aesthetic and Anthropological ApproachesRIGHTS 130; CULANTH 131; ICS; DOCSTALP, CCI, CZ
PJMS371News as a Moral BattlegroundRIGHTS 371; PUBPOL 371; Study of Ethics 259; DOCST 371EI, R, SS, W
PJMS388SJournalism and War: Covering International ConflictsRIGHTS 388S; PUBPOL 368SEI, SS
POLISH308SFragmented Memories: Polish and Polish Jewish Culture Through FilmRIGHTS 308SCCI, EI, ALP, CZ
POLSCI205Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Minorities in American PoliticsAAAS 257; RIGHTS 205CCI, SS
POLSCI235SComparative Urban Politics and Public Policy (DukeImmerse - Gov., Policy & Soc. Justice)PUBPOL 285S; RIGHTS 235SCCI, EI, SS
POLSCI236SResearch in Urban Politics and Policy (DukeImmerse - Gov., Policy & Soc. Justice)RIGHTS 236SCCI, R, SS, W
POLSCI272Human Rights in Theory and PracticeRIGHTS 262; ICS 272; PHIL 262; PUBPOL 231; Documentary Studies, Ethics Elective, Global HealthCCI, CZ, EI, SS
POLSCI319SUS Comparative State Politics (DukeImmerse - Gov., Policy & Soc. Justice)RIGHTS 319SCCI, SS
POLSCI329SPolitics in Violence: GenocideICS 329S; RIGHTS 329SR, SS, W
POLSCI331Prisoner's Dilemma and Distributive JusticeRIGHTS 331; ECON 361; PHIL 246; Ethics Elective; Information Science + StudiesEI, SS
POLSCI363International Human Rights in World PoliticsRIGHTS 363EI, SS
POLSCI384Inequality in Western Political ThoughtRIGHTS 384CCI, CZ, EI, SS 
PUBPOL218SConflict Analysis in AfricaAAAS 310S; CULANTH 310S; RIGHTS 218SCCI, CZ, SS
PUBPOL330Global Health Ethics: Policy Choice as Value ConflictRIGHTS 330; GLHLTH 210; ICS 397EI, SS
PUBPOL411SHistoricizing WhitenessRIGHTS 411S; HISTORY 411SCCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
RELIGION219SMuslim Women Across the AgesRIGHTS 219SCCI, W, CZ, SS
RELIGION279Ghandi: Image and ReflectionRIGHTS 279;CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION280SReligion and Peace: Case Studies in Activism and ReconciliationRIGHTS 280SCCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION384SIslam in the AmericasRIGHTS 374S; AAAS 274S; AMES 230S; RELIGION 384S; Islamic StudiesCCI, W, CZ, SS
RELIGION288Acts of EngagementRIGHTS 288;CCI, EI
SOCIOL211Social InequalityRIGHTS 211CCI, SS
SOCIOL178FSRefugees, Rights, ResettlementRIGHTS 178FS; ETHICS 199FS; SOCIOL 178FSCCI; EI; SS
SOCIOL215Sociology of Racism in AmericaRIGHTS 215; AAAS 246; LSGS 316CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL361US Health DisparitiesRIGHTS 362; GLHLTH 340SS
SPANISH409SIdentity and Linguistic Rights in the Spanish Speaking AmericasRIGHTS 409SCCI, EI, FL, CZ
SPANISH432SPopular Culture and Political Repression in Spain and Latin AmericaRIGHTS 432SCCI, FL, ALP
This course gives priority to freshmen and sophomores, and has two primary purposes: to define and explore the key terms, concepts, foundations and theories of human and civil rights; and examine alternative or competing definitions of rights using a case-based approach. Includes critiques of human rights, including from conservatives, nationalist and non-western thinkers. Through the Gateway course, students can see the connections between key rights ideas, like individual vs. collective rights, Western origins of rights concepts, humanitarian challenges, rights in the arts and visual culture and rights practice. The class combines lectures, classroom discussion, films, exhibits, guest lectures and case-based work on specific rights issues.
This course is for students in their senior year who have completed the Gateway and are enrolled in the Human Rights Certificate program. It allows students to connect the intellectual themes and scholarly knowledge they have developed in the Gateway, electives and human rights-related experiences. Students pursue an in-depth exploration of a particular dimension or problem of human rights or a service-oriented project with real-world impact. Students are encouraged to take their work into other modes of expression, including the arts or documentary work.