Liliana ParedesLiliana Paredes, PhD. obtained a doctorate in Hispanic Linguistics from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, United States. She is Professor of the Practice in the Department of Romance Studies at Duke University and directs the Spanish Language Program and the Summer Institute of Intensive Spanish. In the field of second language acquisition, Paredes focuses on intercultural work in the Spanish classroom, the acquisition of vocabulary, and experiential learning. In collaboration with Merschel and Munne, Paredes has published the Annotated Edition of Proyectos(Difusión, 2019); and with Munne, Gente Intermedio (Pearson, 2013). Paredes is currently working in collaboration with colleagues in Mexico on the effect of collaborative learning across borders and linking communities of practice through guided virtual peer conversation. Paredes focuses on the role of experiential learning in language acquisition, critical thinking, and transformational learning. Paredes teaches and studies language rights issues in the America and she is devoted to issues of linguistic migration, languages ​​in contact, and linguicism.