The Human Rights Certificate offers students an in-depth and rigorous interdisciplinary study of human rights history, theory and practice, cultivating life-long learners and engaged citizens who have a deep and nuanced understanding of human rights. This year 6 students are earning the Human Rights Certificate–Zac Johnson, Alexa Rooney, Graysen Airth, Vanessa Real Williams, Lizzy Kramer, and David Marin Quiros! Read more about them and their experiences in the program below.

Zac Johnson 
Public Policy and History majors’ 21

“One of the most significant aspects of the Human Rights Certificate is the elective courses it offers. From studying mass incarceration to transnational feminism, the Human Rights Certificate offers students a wide variety of radical and transformative classes that can easily complement other majors.” Read the full interview with Zac Johnson.


Alexa Rooney 
International Comparative Studies and History majors ’21

“One thing about the certificate that strikes me as unique from other programs at Duke is that the DHRC has a strong community that extends beyond the classroom.” Read the full interview with Alexa Rooney. 


Graysen Airth
International Comparative Studies and French majors ’21

“I believe that the structure of Duke’s human rights classes invite debate and conversation in a way that is otherwise hard to find at Duke, which I have consistently appreciated throughout my time at the university.” Read the full interview with Graysen Airth. 


Vanessa Real Williams 
Public Policy major ’21

“I’ve been able to foster my curiosity on different human rights topics I never imagined I’d be able to learn about in college. Many of the most impactful moments of my Duke career happened thanks to a guest speaker, a field trip, or an extracurricular event related to the Franklin Center.” Read the full interview with Vanessa Real Williams. 


Lizzy Kramer 
Cultural Anthropology and Public Policy majors ’21

“The Certificate has enabled me to find the interdisciplinary niche that is most suited to my interests and skills – the cross over of artwork and activism – and how I get to spend my entire senior year writing a thesis about that.” Read the full interview with Lizzy Kramer. 


David Marin Quiros
International Comparative Studies major ’21

“I decided to pursue the Human Rights Certificate because I want to be able to unlock the skills and knowledge I need to be able to reshape the world we live in.” Read the full interview with David Marin Quiros.