alexforweb Alex Viqueira
Political Science and Arabic ’18

“As a Puerto Rican and Cuban American, DukeImmerse in Latin America is a unique opportunity for me to academically engage with my own family background and that of the larger Latino community that Latin Americans are drafted into within the US. I saw DukeImmerse as an opportunity to become more educated on issues that all Americans should be aware are plaguing communities around them. It’s valuable and important to look at history and current events in Latin America and connect them to different but related situations of discourse or instability, but also success, throughout the world.”


cassidyforwebCassidy Bolt 
International Comparative Studies, Markets and Management Certificate, Ethics Certificate, Economics Minor ’18

“My persistent passion for human rights was the primary reason I chose to engage in this DukeImmerse program. I am very excited to learn more about immigration, especially because living in Southern California has exposed me to various effects of Mexican migration. I hope to concentrate my research on both labor and women, for these are the themes that I have concentrated on in the past in relation to other regions.”



elizabethforwebElizabeth Barahona
History, Education, Latino/a Studies in Global South Certificate ’18

“I chose to join the DukeImmerse team in order to understand the history of oppression among Latin American communities. I plan to work with my peers and professors to utilize the prestige and respectability of academic work to support impactful programs for the Latinx community in Durham. I hope our research will progress the international movement for human rights.”



jenniferforwebJennifer Acosta
Psychology and Global Cultural Studies, Child Policy Research Certificate ’17

“I joined the DukeImmerse program to learn more about human rights, an idea integral to my family and our story. Soon after I was born in Cuba, my family and I were exiled from the island. My father, who led a human rights organization in Cuba, was imprisoned for two years for exposing and broadcasting the human rights violations that were going on. My identity has thus been shaped by this story—it is the reason why I am in the United States and why I am who I am today. Given that my story is one involving political, rather than economic, unrest, I am here to learn about and broaden my perspective on a current and very important issue: human rights and their role in shaping Mexican immigrant and indigenous identities.”


morghanforwebMorghan Phillips
Cultural Anthropology, Human Development Certificate ’18

“As the daughter of two Jamaican immigrants, I am personally interested in learning more about the immigrant experience.  As a future human rights lawyer, I love this program’s focus on human rights. DukeImmerse has so much to offer, from learning about indigenous culture, linguistics, and family rights to traveling to Mexico and learning how to conduct ethical interviews. I can’t wait to see how this program changes me!”



sarahforwebSarah Turner
Psychology and History ’18

“I was extremely interested in the DukeImmerse Rights and Identities program when I originally read about it. I have always been very fascinated with immigration due to my mother’s immigrant background, and learning about how language and culture are changed and affected through the process of moving to a different country sounded too amazing to pass up.”



kathyforwebKathy Johnson
Undeclared ’18

“I think DukeImmerse is a great opportunity to delve deeply into a topic. During my freshman year I decided to look into human rights and immigration by joining Duke Students for Humane borders which is a club at Duke that focuses on the immigrant experience in America. I decided to apply for DukeImmerse in order to build upon my experience in Duke Students for Humane Borders and broaden my knowledge of human rights issues.”


Untitled-1Angel Nwachukwu
Economics and Sociology ’16

“I chose to be apart of Duke Immerse because I always love taking the opportunity of learning both inside and outside of the classroom. I am excited to get a chance to not just read about indigenous immigrants but speak them directly as well.”



Untitled-2Cole Wicker
Cultural Anthropology and Computer Science ’18

“I am in DukeImmerse because I believe in the power of a person’s story. The work that we are doing requires the sharing and the collective growth of all of “our” stories – whether the students, professors or returnados. I love being around people, and having this opportunity to work with people who have histories very different from mine is amazing and exciting, not to mention working with the artifacts. All around this is going to be great!!”