Mel WilliamsMel Williams, Retired Reverend and Social Justice Advocate, End Poverty Durham

In this interview, the Reverend Mel Williams discusses his career as a member of the faith community and as a social justice advocate. Reverend Williams’ career began during the 1960s. Experiencing the impact of the civil rights movement shaped Williams’ long-standing interest in helping lift marginalized communities out of poverty. Through the years, Williams has headed several projects that endeavor to end poverty in Durham. Reverend Williams’ work includes the Congregations Coalition, End Poverty Durham, the Walltown “Neighbor to Neighbor” mission, and the Coalition for a Non-Violent Durham. Many of these projects have enriched community programs for the unemployed, providing training and jobs while providing individuals with the resources to fulfill their basic needs. During the interview, Reverend Williams also shares insights he has gained about community activism through his spiritual practices.


The entire interview is available in the Duke Human Rights Archive.

 A Story of Mel William: A Short Video by Batya Knebel