Melinda WigginsMelinda Wiggins, Executive Director, Student Action with Farmworkers

This oral history traces the life and work of farm worker advocate Melinda Wiggins who currently serves as the Executive Director of Student Action with Farmworkers in Durham, North Carolina. Wiggins left the Delta after high school to attend Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. Later, she came to Durham, enrolling in the Duke Divinity School. During her education at Duke and thereafter, Melinda fostered her commitment to social advocacy, initially finding inspiration working to resolve homelessness. These experiences encouraged Wiggins to think critically about systematic change and the ways she could garner her knowledge as a social advocate to move beyond Band-Aid fixes for social challenges and instead, focus on long-term prevention. In this interview, Melinda reflects upon her own development as an activist, as well as the challenges and accomplishments experienced by farmworker advocates in North Carolina and the South.


The entire interview is available in the Duke Human Rights Archive.
A Story of Melinda Wiggins: A Short Video by Amy Trey