Following the 2016 election, many colleges and universities are experiencing renewed energy and interest in civic engagement. In response, campuses across the nation are joining in a campaign to promote equal opportunity for all, provide support to students, faculty and staff during this time of change and encourage them to get involved in communities locally, nationally and globally.

Launched on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. (January 16), the #OurTomorrow campaign will showcase students, faculty and staff making a difference through various pathways of service and civic engagement, such as – volunteering, community organizing and activism, policy and governance, and philanthropy. The campaign aims to connect students across the political spectrum with service and civic engagement resources at their universities and encourage them to take action on issues they are passionate about, as well as to connect members of university communities as part of a nationwide conversation and movement. University public service and civic engagement centers will post across social media platforms, and students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate using their own social media accounts about the actions they are taking—whether to promote equality or economic well-being, reform healthcare or education, preserve natural resources, or address other pressing issues.

At Duke, we believe in “knowledge in the service of society“. Whether it’s taking a service-learning class on refugee resettlement or quantifying the effect of gerrymandering on congressional districts through Data+, Duke students and faculty tackle issues they care about through different approaches. Use your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to tell us why you want change and how your civic engagement is making a difference. By tagging posts with #OurTomorrow, you’ll show the country that Duke takes action and creates change in myriads of ways every day. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our list of 25 ways to engage at Duke and beyond.

This effort is nonpartisan, inclusive of diverse perspectives, and a celebration of the profound power of young people to make change as next-generation leaders. 

Learn more from the Office of Civic Engagement at Duke.