Sally Jewel, the Secretary of the Department of the Interior has approved 24 new National Historic Landmarks and the the Pauli Murray Family Home is one of them.

The Pauli Murray Family Home in Durham, North Carolina, is associated with ground-breaking civil rights activist, lawyer, educator, writer, and Episcopal priest Pauli Murray. She served as a bridge figure between social movements through her advocacy for both women’s and civil rights. Her efforts were critical to retaining “sex” in Title VII, a fundamental legal protection for women against employment discrimination. After decades of work for black civil rights, her vision for a civil rights association for women became the National Organization for Women (NOW). Read More

This is North Carolina’s 1st National Historic Landmark dedicated to Women’s and LGBTQ history and its 39th overall.

“We are thrilled to be named a National Historic Landmark and this designation recognizes Pauli Murray as the nationally significant human rights champion she was,” said Mayme Webb-Bledsoe, board chair of the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice. “Our goal is a visitor ready historic site in 2020 focused on history, arts, education and activism, where learning and thoughtful discussion that advances Pauli’s vision for an inclusive America takes place.”

Media coverage: Durham Herald-SunNews & Observer, Duke Chronicle

In addition, the Pauli Murray Center received one of the 39 grants made by the National Park Service to support preservation efforts at Civil Rights sites. Their $237,575 grant will fund the renovation of the interior of the historic Pauli Murray Family Home and the development of the grounds. Read more.