We, the members of the Faculty Advisory Board, affirm that The Duke Human Rights Center @ the Franklin Humanities Institute is dedicated to teaching and practicing human rights both at home and abroad. As a university entity, we encourage our students to think deeply about human dignity and rights at the same time that they understand their history, development and practice. With this in mind, we take this extraordinary opportunity to reassert, for our faculty, staff and students, the critical importance of respect for human rights as a core value. Sexism, racism and hatred of the other based on ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or religion are abhorrent. They are also violations of basic rights principles of equality and mutual respect, so essential to democracy.

Robin Kirk, Co-Director of the Duke Human Rights Center @ FHI, Lecturer in the Department of Cultural Anthropology
William Chafe, Co-Director of the Duke Human Rights Center @FHI and Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of History, Emeritus
Nancy MacLean, William H. Chafe Professor of History and Public Policy
Erika Weinthal, Lee Hill Snowdon Professor of Environmental Policy, Associate Dean of International Programs for the Nicholas School of the Environment
Adriane Lentz-Smith, Associate Professor of History, African and African American Studies, and Women’s Studies
Elizabeth Albright, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Environmental Science and Policy
Liliana Paredes, Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies and Linguistics
Deborah Jenson, Director of the Franklin Humanities Institute, Professor of Romance Studies and Global Health
Patrick Stawski, Human Rights Archivist at Duke University Libraries
Ellen McLarney, Associate Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies
Ariel Dorfman, Walter Hines Page Research Professor Emeritus of Literature
Claudia Koonz, Peabody Family Professor Emeritus of History in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Barbara Lau, Director of the Pauli Murray Project
James Chappel, Assistant Professor of History
Catherine Admay, Professor of Public Policy, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies in Public Policy
Rebecca Stein, Nicholas J. and Theresa M. Leonardy Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Abdullah Antepli, Chief Representative of Muslim Affairs, Adjunct Faculty of Islamic Studies
Laurent Dubois, Professor of Romance Studies and History, Director of the Forum for Scholars and Publics
Robert Korstad, Kevin D. Gorter Professor of Public Policy and History
Subhashini Chandrasekharan, Assistant Research Professor in the Duke Global Health Institute
Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Professor of Theology and Women’s Studies
Wesley Hogan, Director of the Duke Center for Documentary Studies, Research Professor, Franklin Humanities Institute and History 
David Schaad, Professor of the Practice of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kameron Carter, Associate Professor of Systemic Theology and Black Church Studies
Gunther Peck, Associate Professor of History and Public Policy
Edna Andrews, Professor of Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology, Nancy & Jeffrey Marcus Distinguished Professor of Slavic & Eurasian Studies, and Chair of the Linguistics Program at Duke University