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Rachel Fraade is a rising senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Religious Studies and History. She will spend the summer in North Carolina, conducting oral history interviews and fieldwork research on the relationship between faith and activism. Exploring this connection, particularly through the lens of the Forward Together Moral Movement, will allow her to gain insight into the ways that grassroots movements are created and sustained. By engaging with clergy members, congregants, activists, and protesters on the ground, she hopes to develop a deeper understanding of how community values can be mobilized to create change. These interviews will be recorded and collected, ultimately taking shape in an honors thesis.


June 25, 2015: Of Fracking and Faith

July 15, 2015: What’s in a Street Sign: Hidden Histories of North Carolina

July 28, 2015: “Winston-Selma”: North Carolina Fights for Voting Rights

August 11, 2015: Reflections on Listening