Academic journals throughout the country have begun publishing undergraduate research relating to human rights. This research proves extremely valuable and the contributions from students around the world help to further this field and our understanding of it. The below journals publish undergraduate research and writing in this area.

Duke University Vertices: an undergraduate research journal of Duke University’s which showcases undergraduate student research across disciplines.

The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence: a undergraduate peer-reviewed research journal through Colorado State University which publishes undergraduate research, scholarly articles, and creative works connecting the community of college undergraduates.

Honors Review: an online interdisciplinary journal by the Honors Program at Augsburg College which publishes undergraduate research from around the country.

Brandeis International Journal: an undergraduate academic journal with a focus on current events in international political affairs. Whereas usually the journal is entirely written by Brandeis students, the school is expanding to include articles on their website from students at other universities.

Intersections – A Journal of the Comparative History of Ideas at The University of Washington, Seattle: a journal through the University of Washington, Seattle which publishes undergraduate research and papers which typically stem from the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review: an online and print undergraduate research journal run through the University of Pittsburgh Honors College which accepts research from throughout the world and in any discipline.

Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal: a journal run by and for undergraduate students which publishes undergraduate academic papers.

Critical Theory and Social Justice Journal of Undergraduate Research Occidental College: an academic journal through Occidental College accepting research and writing pertaining mainly to race, sexuality, and nationality and how they relate to problems of social justice.

Public Writing: a journal accepting writing from the humanities and social sciences, in varying, which engages in critiques of contemporary, historical, public ideas.

“Righting Wrongs” Webster Today: a peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal through Webster University accepting research and writing which focuses on international human rights issues.

Valley Humanities Review: a journal publishing research in the humanities studies, and aiming to showcase the best of this research from colleges around the world.

Student Pulse – Online academic student journal: an online academic journal that publishes work from around the world and in all disciplines. They value use of references, quality of work cited, and depth of the research.

Undergraduate Research Community: an online, reviewed journal which publishes undergraduate research in the human sciences.

The Blue Route: presents a publication opportunity for undergraduate writers through Widener University. The Blue Route looks for well-written, imaginative writing, and you can potentially be paid for publication.

Princeton Journal of East Asian Studies (PJEAS): an academic journal supported by the Princeton East Asian Studies Program. The journal accepts submissions from undergraduate and graduate students on political, economic, social and cultural affairs pertaining to East Asia. The deadline for submissions is October 25.