Rinchen DolmaRinchen Dolma is a rising junior at Duke University majoring in International Comparative Studies and Documentary Studies. She was born in Tibet but mostly grew up in India. She received most of her secondary education from TCV Selakui Dehradun India and completed high school from United World College Red Cross Nordic in Norway in 2012.

She is very interested in learning about and comparing different global challenges in the context of rapid changes in today’s globalized world. She firmly believes critical thinking based education is one of the most important foundations for resolving any kind of social and political conflicts/ challenges in the world.

This summer Rinchen Dolma is doing a documentary based research project on the high prevalence of Tuberculosis (TB) in Tibetan exile community in Dharamsala, India. This project aims to explore the underlying challenges caused by these infectious disease in the refugee community and also how the community themselves and health care institutions like Delek hospitals are combatting to reduce its high rate.​


Research Updates

July 20: Interview Challenges with Tibetan Patients

July 25: Tibetans’ Optimism while Fighting TB