Academic journals across the country have begun publishing undergraduate research related to human rights. This research proves extremely valuable and the contributions from students help to further the field and our understanding of it. The following journals publish undergraduate research and writing in this area.

Critical Theory and Social Justice Journal of Undergraduate Research Occidental College

A journal through Occidental College accepting research and writing pertaining mainly to race, sexuality, and nationality and how they relate to problems of social justice.

Public Writing 

A journal accepting writing from the humanities and social sciences, in varying, which engages in critiques of contemporary, historical, public ideas. 

“Righting Wrongs” Webster Today 

A peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal through Webster University accepting research and writing which focuses on international human rights issues. 

Valley Humanities Review 

A journal publishing research in the humanities studies, and aiming to showcase the best of this research from colleges around the world.

Student Pulse – Online Academic Student Journal

An online academic journal that publishes work from around the world and in all disciplines. They value use of references, quality of work cited, and depth of the research. 

Undergraduate Research Community 

An online, reviewed journal which publishes undergraduate research in the human sciences. 

The Blue Route 

Presents a publication opportunity for undergraduate writers through Widener University. They look for well-written, imaginative writing, and you can potentially be paid for publication. 

Sigma Iota Rho Journal of International Relations 

A journal accepting work form current students that is original and unpublished, in topics relevant to international relations including economics, political science, and history.

Southern California International Review

An international affairs journal for undergraduates based out of the University of Southern California.  They accept submissions from university students around the world and would welcome submissions from Duke University.  

Princeton Journal of East Asian Studies (PJEAS)

A student academic journal that publishes works of scholarship written by both undergraduate and graduate students from around the world on political, economic, social and cultural issues pertaining to the East Asian region.

Latin American Studies Symposium at Birmingham-Southern College

This interdisciplinary conference aims to promote undergraduate research focused on Latin America and to engage students and faculty to discuss a wide range of topics in Latin American Studies.