This interview was conducted over email with Donovan Bendana, enrolled in the class of 2020: Political Science and International Comparative Studies, by Miranda Gershoni, a second-year undergraduate student working for the Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute.

Miranda Gershoni (MG): Why did you decide to pursue the human rights certificate?

Donovan Bendana (DB): Largely because of my DukeImmerse program which satisfies several of the certificate requirements.

MG: What makes this certificate unique from other programs at Duke?

DB: I love the very strong sense of community the certificate professors and students have.

MG: How has the multidisciplinary, experiential nature of the program affected your learning while in the certificate?

DB: I am constantly revisiting texts and themes discussed in the introductory course in other courses across departments and disciplines.

MG: How do you plan to use the information and experiences you’re gaining from the certificate?

DB: Human rights is always something to be discussed and acknowledged in almost any line of work someone may pursue. Its reach is limitless.

MG: What has been the most impactful moment (lecture, activity, reading, professor, etc) you’ve gained from the program?

DB: Definitely having the opportunity to travel to South Africa with my Duke Immerse program and see for ourselves the themes and issues we were discussing back in our classroom in Durham.