This interview was conducted over email with Likhitha Butchireddygari, a senior undergraduate student enrolled in the Human Rights Certificate Program, completing a Program II major in Digital Democracy and Data, by Miranda Gershoni, a first-year undergraduate student working for the Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute.

Miranda Gershoni (MG): Why did you decide to pursue the human rights certificate?

Likhitha Butchireddygari (LB): I wanted to learn more about global rights dilemmas as they occur in our local communities.

MG: What makes this certificate unique from other programs at Duke?

LB: This certificate most directly addresses the world’s greatest problems — dissecting them, critically examining them, and learning how to address them.

MG: How has the multidisciplinary, experiential nature of the program affected your learning while in the certificate?

LB: The Human Rights Certificate program is very holistic and allows us to look at issues through multiple critical lenses, which helps us get a more full understanding of those issues. It allows us to be more thoughtful in our approaches in the field.

MG: How do you plan to use the information and experiences you’re gaining from the certificate?

LB: I’m not sure!

MG: What has been the most impactful moment (lecture, activity, reading, professor, etc) you’ve gained from the program?

LB: In Robin Kirk’s Introduction to Human Rights, we did a tour of Durham where we looked at moments of civil rights history in Durham, like the Pauli Murray mural and Black Wall Street.